Superior Intelligence
Srila Prabhupada’s angle on the mortality rate was always different. Because someone said in an interview, he said “Well in India, the problem with India is that the mortality rate is so high in India”
Then Prabhupad said “Mortality rate high here? As far as I’m concerned it’s the same everywhere. Hundred Percent!” (crowd laughter!)
Prabhupada was brilliant, we were ever so lucky, Brilliant. The devotees become brilliant because they get the intelligence from Krishna. They get intelligence from Krishna, and that is why we have to take shelter of the devotees, because they have superior intelligence, because they have purified intelligence.

Prabhupada Could See Crystal Clear
It is said when we become attached in the material world to enjoying the material energy then the intelligence becomes smaller and smaller and smaller. It begins to go around in a circle. From the car to the wife, to the house to the money to the gadgets – just thinking like that – only about these things and in this way gradually the range of the intelligence shrinks …becomes smaller and smaller. But as one surrenders to Krishna, Krishna supplies the intelligence and (sanskrit) develops broader intelligence.
So Srila Prabhupada has extraordinary intelligence, that he could see what no one could see. We could on for 100 years…. the mortality rate is higher in India than in Europe ..we could never have questioned to think, but then Prabhupada said “100%” yes immediately realised, it’s true. It’s totally true. And nobody could see it. Nobody could see it, but it is as clear as glass, crystal clear, everybody “it’s 100%,definitely.”

We Are Convinced We Are Intelligent
So,this is so interesting how we can be so convinced that we are very intelligent, we are so convinced we are very educated, we are refined in our intelligence. we are able to philosophise and very deeply find points after all we are not primitive people…We are from Holland and Germany and various other countries and we are highly advanced culturally speaking. And then a simple little thing: 100% mortality rate, we never thought about it!!!

(HH KKS 31/07/2005)

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