On Saturday, 19 September 2009, HH Kadamba Kanana Swami gave initiation to 3 African devotees in Pretoria, South Africa. Below are some small highlights:

On a day of initiation, we are taking serious actions upon this understanding… It is the time when we appear before Krsna, it is a time when we say, ‘Krsna, after so many lifetimes, finally I have understood. On this very day I’m offering myself as Your servant. From this day on, I make this promise that I am Yours.” That’s a big promise. It’s not a small thing. And that promise, it will always stay; no matter where we go that promise will not go away…”

Bhakta April becomes Prema Vikasa das
“We have everything; everything is given to us. It doesn’t depend on our own strength. No one is born strong…everyone is born with weak senses. But there is a process, which was given by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; not only are They showering us with blessings but They are also giving us a system that we follow…”

Bhakta ‘Mahajana’ becomes Visnujana das
So, it is an auspicious time; it is the time that the path back to the spiritual world is now straight, it is open. And on this day it is open, there’s nothing blocking the way now. Our previous bad karma- whatever it was- it’s no longer an obstacle. In this ceremony some of that karma, some of the karma that is stored within our heart- will be removed. With the grains that are thrown in the fire, the sinful karmic reactions will burn up. Actually with the very moment that the spiritual master formally accepts the disciple, at that very moment the initiation is complete…”

and Manukanya devi dasi received 2nd initiation

“So the main quality for second initiation is to be responsible; it is that quality which makes a difference. Generally, responsible means to be Krsna’s representative, responsible means to be Krsna’s servant. It means to be serious about what Krsna wants…”

“It takes many lifetimes- sometimes up in the universe, sometimes in the lower regions of the universe, sometimes on this planet, sometimes in one country, sometimes in another country…how many times have we taken birth? But it is by the mercy of pure devotees that Krsna’s mercy reaches us…”

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