(H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami – Melbourne 01/09/2009)

Everyone in this movement, young or old, has the duty to be a pure devotee – today!

How to be a pure devotee is simply to be a pure devotee today – now!

A pure devotee means – now in the immediate! Don’t worry so much about the state of your heart, but just now do the right thing for Krishna. Don’t think: “Tomorrow I will be a pure devotee. Tomorrow I will be a pure devotee, in the future I will be…”  No, no… Right now – start now! And then, each step is a step in pure devotion.

Now we are listening to Bhagavatam, let’s do it, let’s take it to heart, then next step, carry on with that and then Krishna will reveal the next step. This is how it is. If we surrender one step, Krishna will reveal to us the next step, and then we can surrender to that step and then he reveals another step. In this way again and again he will reveal to us more and more steps and step by step we are becoming pure devotees more and more. This is how it works. It must begin now! Right away!


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