For the devotee who really tries to sincerely chant….and to keep his eyes of that television of the mind, one day when he looks on that television Krishna will be there! One day he will see Krishna. This chanting is the actual means in which one can see Krishna. It will be possible to see Him face to face as we are seeing each other now.
Srila Prabhuapada was such a devotee. Once a journalist came to interview Prabhupada and he heard that a pure devotee is always acting according to Krishna’s will. So the journalist asked, “Well, how does he know Krishna’s will?” “How does he know?”
So one Sanyassi there, senior devotee, he volunteered, “The pure devotee knows because Krishna reveals Himself from within the heart.”
Prabhupada said “ No no no, not like that. If I want to know what Krishna wants, I just ask Him!” Simple! That was Prabhupada. He could just ask Krishna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 30/08/2009)

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