HH Kadamba Kanana Swami arrived last Wednesday back in South Africa! Maharaja’s mood and desire has always been to uplift the African preaching and to take it on another level. He, in fact, also many times said that, “my heart is ‘black’! I think I was an African in my previous life…!” Maharaja headed up the historical project in 2007, where for the very first time Soweto was touched by the mercy of Lord Jagannatha! (Read here for more). Once again this year, he is currently very, very busy in assisting with the preparations for the upcoming 2nd Soweto Ratha Yatra that is soon to take place on September 26th!

“…it’s very nice because the first time (in 2007), Soweto Ratha Yatra was my project but actually this time it is the project of the Soweto devotees…I’m just helping a little bit and I think that that’s very nice that South Africa has one more Ratha Yatra to stay! So it’s going to be an annual event and I think that is what Srila Prabhupada really wanted to see…”

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