So in this way we see that four regulative principles are only the preliminaries. We must be there and then we start chanting Hare Krishna ………hmmm now it gets more difficult. And then when it is not only about sixteen rounds, when it is about quality, about the quality of our chanting then it becomes more difficult. When it is about attentive chanting then it becomes quite difficult. It seems that that mantra is more slippery than a bar of soap! Yes sometimes that soap under that shower you try to catch it , this mantra is so hard…the mind just goes anywhere and everywhere! We seem to have unlimited capacity to go all over the universe and to fix our mind on anything except the Mahamantra…it is just amazing! We can easily concentrate on all other things for hours but when it comes to chanting Hare Krishna…so hard to fix the mind.
Of course with time automatically….with time in devotional service our relationship with the Holy Name changes.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 30/08/2009)

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