So we think that we are in control, but in actuality the modes of material nature are interacting and we are simply under the control of the nature thinking that we are in control of our choices. But what choices do we make. We make the choices that are dictated to us. The soul is not effected. The soul is somehow or other in this world but not really mixing truly with the nature of this world because the soul is of a different nature. The living being is not of the same nature as the universal energy. It is said that the material energy is made up of eight separated energies, eight energies that are originating from Krishna. But superior to these eight energies is the energy of a different nature, that energy is unlike the material energy… The living being is eternal. But when the eternal living being comes under the influence of the material energy then he is trying to exploit that material energy.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 03/2006)

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