Some years ago we were in the Amsterdam temple and suddenly someone put thirty thousand dollars into our account and there was a little message: “From the Cosmic warrior”.
Well, you know, if someone put thirty thousand dollars into your account you sort of go for a visit with a box of prasadam.. …and so i went. And when I went to the door of the place, a man came in and he looked around and he said “Are you alone?”
I said “Yes”.
“Quick come in”
So I quickly came in closed the door, then he took me inside the room …and the room it had many televisions, all stacked up on each other, like from the floor to the ceiling, whole wall of TVs and he said “Look.” So i looked and he said “Do you see them?”
He wanted to hear yes, since he just gave thirty thousand I said “Errr yesss i see them”
He said “Yes there are many”
“Hmmm quite a few yes”
And he said “Yes many UFOS.”
He said “They are regularly here, there is a lot of activity here, especially in the late evening hours.”
And he showed a few little black spots on the screen, which could well be dust on the lens or something like that on the camera!
Any way the man had cameras in all directions on his house watching UFOS and he was convinced there was a great battle, great battle going on in the universe….
And at least that was one thing he had right …although the rest looked like a product of his mind!
He did though understand that there is a battle going on in the universe.

It is true that it is not just wonderful on the heavenly planets. You do so much puja to go to Swarga (Heavan), it is a big thing to go to Swarga. In many places the cremation place in India is known as Swarga Dwar (The Gate to Heaven) So the idea is from there you go to the heavenly planet, to Swarga…people want to go to Swarga. Out of the fourteen planetary systems Swarga is in the upper regions, and there it is wonderful. There are beautiful gardens, beautiful and even more beautiful ladies and the demigods also are very handsome and powerful. So it is a place ready for enjoyment, wonderful. There is only one little difficulty, that there are demons! And they try to attack again and again. And the war between the demigods and the demons in the universe is going on. Sometimes it’s happening and sometimes it’s not happening, sometimes there is just the impending threat of war. Thus it is not just so heavenly , there are some complications. For the ones who want to go to Swarga , we wish them well! We ourselves will give it a miss mate! We let it pass.
We see here that the demigods are taking shelter of Krishna for protection , they are taking shelter of Lord Vishnu who comes and protects them from the demons. It is a fact that there is an order in the universe, there is a plan in the universe, one gets assigned a paticular place according to his behaviour within the universe. The demoniac personalities, they somehow or other left their assigned place and went to the upper regions and captured those upper regions. It was particularly possible because in the upper regions some offences had been made. However the Supreme Lord appeared to restore the original order in the universe.

So this is what basically happens, often to us. We are placed somewhere according to our behaviour, thus an intelligent person is careful, because an intelligent person understands: “ I must beware, if I misbehave I will have to pay for it, I will be degraded, I will be put down into lower regions .. that’s the result”
In other words you’ll go to hell! …to say it more contemporary words! What to do, that is the nature of life. Sometimes people don’t believe it. It was ten o clock at night and the telephone was ringing…….I picked up the phone this time and at late night there is this lady “It’s not true, It’s not true!”
I said just “Calm down, calm down it’s not so bad.”
She said “No No it’s not true I read it, I met this very nice person on the street and I bought this book and then I read it and this book basically says that all my family members are going to hell!”
I said like “Well I mean does it really say you’re family members” (Crowd laughs)
“Well it says that anybody who drinks and eats meat is going to hell”
I said “Well that is true” (Crowd Laughs)
“But, But it is not true , it can not be true, that all my family is going to hell”…
“Calm down Calm down.”
She was really upset by it. It is shocking, it is shocking that this is possible that our dear most ones are on their way to hell.

So what are we going to do about it. So therefore lot of people have decided: “ I just don’t believe in hell, I don’t believe in it. I think this is just some medieval ..evil, some evil invention from the priest to get more money out of the people: “You sinners if u don’t repent today you will burn. Burn, burn , burn , burn in hell There is only one option …yes you give something today!…donation giving now..or else burn burn burn “”

Therefore lot of people think that hell is just some imaginary thing
So yes it is true that there is a hell and there is many kinds of varieties , Yes!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 13/02/2009)

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