One year a sannyasi (renounced monk) from the another society attended the famous annual Durban Ratha Yatra. Kadamba Kanana Swami (KKSwami) of ISKCON was asked to host the guest Maharaj.

During the procession the Sannyasi was commenting how difficult it was for western devotees to follows all the rules and regulations.
After a while KKSwami highlighted to the guest how these western devotees, including the africans, were absorbed in the chanting and dancing to the Holy name with such great intensity and enthusiasm, from the beginning to end of the procession. KKSwami further added, “Just see how absorbed they are in the kirtan. And look at us. We have both been talking throughout the procession. So in one sense, these african devotees are lifetimes ahead of us!”
(Paraphrased from Kadamba Kanana Swami)

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