Srila Prabhupada, he is still bringing people, still capturing more and more people. This movement has not reached it’s full momentum yet. It is just sort of starting. It is like Prabhupada has pushed something which is now rolling down the mountain and catching more and more speed and taking more and more along in it’s course. This is the nature of this movement, it has not reached full strength as yet, rather something has been set in motion.

If I may compare it to fire for a moment, then we say that this movement is sparking the interest of many many people and sparks of something in their heart. Some of these sparks that are lighting up they will be extinguished, but still it may spark up again later. But some sparks are not going to be extinguished anymore and are catching full fire to the point where one is being commited, where one says “ Oh alright Ok Krishna I will be yours then I guess!”
So where we begin to surrender to Krishna, where we begin to consciously give our life to Krishna, that happens. From there on more will spread, such people they become automatically themselves torches of that same fire and they will set others on fire!

(Kadamba Kanana 10/04/2008)

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