It is said that the culture of the east, is compared to the lame. The culture of the west is compared to the blind because it is acting blindly without understanding the deeper goal of life.
So Prabhupada said if the two combine, east and west and take the best of both, then we can get a perfect combination. When the blind takes the lame on his back, and then the lame will tell the blind….then it works. So with this ability of the west, to get things done, the extrovert nature, combined with the introvert introspective nature, the introvert introspective nature can give the vision.
The expert can in a very expert way realise all these things, wonderful things can be done. And by this combination in Mayapur there will be a Mandir, a wonderful temple. The biggest temple in the world, by this combination.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 06/06/1999)

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