(Kadamba Kanana 10/04/2008)

This movement will spread from person to Person, it may spread in different ways. Some are spreading it through the internet. We know that those devotees in Scotland had a hacking programme! A programme of hacking into computers and sending messages in there: “CALL OUT GOURANGA!”
I heard a few years ago, I heard a report on it that they had sent out like three hundred million messages already!
They sent “CALL OUT GOURANGA!” on three hundred million computers! That is serious, that is a lot, that is impressive! When I heard the numbers I was like “Phewww! That is quite something!” If you think about three hundred million people are getting “CALL OUT GOURANGA!” on their screen, that really is quite something!

So there may be so many techniques quantity or quality whatever they may be. Someone may reach out to three hundred million with a message on a computer, someone else may just go for one person and go in depth. Whatever it may be…. you may share something with a friend, doesn’t matter but how can we avoid it.

I’m not talking here that you must preach preach preach and like we must all become like Jehovah witnesses and go door to door and sort of people say “Not interested” and you get your elbow in and wear especially hard shoes so you know you can squeeze in between the door and so on! ……
Anyway I am not proposing we go that way, because we don’t have that discipline. I don’t know how they have it but we don’t have it, definitely not now. But that is not what I am proposing. But how can one not preach:

Like I have a brother, the relationship was a bit difficult with him because he used to tell me that, “I don’t mind talking about you but I don’t want to talk about Krishna !!”
I was like “Well that’s going to be hard, my whole life everything is sort of connected to Krishna from the moment I get up till I go to bed.”
Every moment has something to do with Krishna. I live in a temple of Krishna, I only take Krishna prasadam. I read books about Krishna, I speak about it, it’s all Krishna Krishna Krishna!!! What can I do?!
It’s a little difficult to seperate my life and not talk about Krishna. It’s not possible. Therefore it is natural that we share our Krishna consciousness. When we share anything about our lives, that’s all it takes and that is much more potent than just rattling off a little lesson.

When in the seventies when I learned how to distribute books, you had to say:
“Hi, are you from here or are you from out of town?” “Oh you’re from out of town! You are very lucky because we have here a hundred promotional copies and you are one of the lucky few! Congratulations! Yes one of these books is for you!”
“Wow you mean I can have this?!”
“Yes you can have this”
“You mean I don’t have to pay for this?”
“No you don’t have to pay for it, just give a donation for the printing costs.”

And that’s how it kicked in and that’s how I learned it and I tried it like that. Well in those days yes that worked. And years later I came back after years staying in India, I tried that again and it didn’t work anymore and that same old line I just didn’t believe it anymore…but when I told people on the street in my monk robes that I have just come back to the west after living twenty years in India and everyone stopped and said “Really?! That’s very interesting, what happened?””
You can see what happened!! and then a whole story and then they would take a book and it was natural. If we simply share our life people are naturally interested. Not everybody, some people don’t want to know you, that’s the way it is. No matter what you do there are always people who don’t want to know you, so what can be done. But in this way this movement can move along and why not just share this Krishna consciousness to the world, because the world is in great need. There is a great lack of Krishna consciousness so if we can give that, that is very nice!!!

(Kadamba Kanana 10/04/2008)

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