From the transcendental perspective it is still a miracle, that Lord Krsna put the spiritual world in the material world. That is brilliant! Brilliant! Imagine your son, who you brought up with love and affection, in whom you have invested everything you had goes astray…What will you do? He goes, he leaves home and it goes all wrong. What will you do now? Of course you wish him to come back but he doesn’t want to. At least you want to do something good for him; he’s still your son. You’re thinking of ways that you can do something good for him. Krsna also thought in this way, “How can I do something good, something good for those that have left?” Then He thought, “Why must I only do something good? Why don’t I do everything good?” And he decided, “Why would I give them a little mercy? Why don’t I give them all the mercy?” Krsna thought, “You know what? I won’t just give them a little bit. No, I will put the whole spiritual world in the material world. I’ll give them everything.” Krsna can do such a thing. We know that story, Narada Muni, the cobbler and the proud brahmana. And what is the Lord doing? He’s putting an elephant through the eye of a needle. So if the Lord can put an elephant through the eye of an needle, which in terms of dimensions doesn’t make sense, then why can’t He put the spiritual world into the material world which is also smaller! Same principle, putting something bigger into something smaller. He’s done it before; He did it again…
(HH KKSwami, 19 September ’09, SA)

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