Jaydvaita Swami:
I’m not saying you know, somehow or other, if the chocolate tastes good put a rubber band around your tongue or something because you know you just did the wrong thing. No. There’s a natural pleasure that comes from, well Bhagavad Gita analyses it by saying the contact with the senses with their objects: that I see something nice, my fingers touch something nice, you hear something nice, contact of the senses, with, an object, of the sense. That results in a certain amount of pleasure. Okay. We don’t say deny it, pretend it’s not there. But just accept what it is. It’s really kinda small time. It’s not the ultimate thing that a human being lives for when he’s living for the truth,……..It’s not the be all and end all.
It’s just, that’s business as usual. Like here you’re coming to university, everyday you’re eating. Now is this why you have come? Okay, you get a certain amount of satisfaction when you eat maybe the foods good, you’re happy about that, But you have a higher purpose here. ….. we’re talking about there’s a higher taste. When you get the higher thing, automatically you just come, you lose interest in the lower thing. It’s not that someone has to drag you away kicking and screaming you just say ‘I found something better!’

(Jayadvaita Swami 10/2007)

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