Kadamba Kanana Swami

(Travelling on the train In India)
Then opposite me there were a husband and wife. And I tell you, I’d never seen a wife in such a service attitude to her husband. I was shocked! I was just shocked, I wasn’t used to that ,you know, I was more used to the European system of ‘Darling!’ ‘Yes Dear!’
But here, she was very submissive and very much taking care of Him, everything! I mean she was arranging his lunch. And he seemed, he wasn’t like a podgy fed ugly man. No, he looked very noble and very pious. He seemed like a very nice man. And when I looked at these people I thought ‘These people have noble qualities…’ I could see it, they had noble qualities. They were honest people. I could see that.

Then there was an old man with a white beard who came to me and said ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, Everything is controlled by God, Yes! Yes! Everything is controlled by God! Yes! Yes.’
And I was thinking: ‘Where am I, you know? Where is this train going? You know. Am I on the right train, maybe this one’s going to heaving or something!’
I thought like “This is maybe not the one I should be on…. I don’t belong on this train!”

Everyone was so religious it was shocking. Anyway! …… So it went on like that, even when I got off the train I noticed there was some red powder on a tree and a few pieces of cloth hanging from a tree and people were worshipping. I didn’t know what they were doing! At the side of the river I saw people sitting with coloured powders, under parasols of straw and like this, it was kind of amazing!

So this was of course a very interesting experience although I did not know what I was going through it was interesting! And it was very spiritual for sure. Like one evening I remember I was sitting, at the river, and it was the evening and people were making little boats of leaves and they put flowers inside, and a little flame. And they were standing beside the river and then turning it in circles and then putting it into the water. So I was thinking “Wow, what is this? It looked very nice these floating leaves so simple and yet so beautiful. And then from nowhere from the dark came a boat, just a wooden rowing boat with maybe some twenty people in there and they were all singing some song….very beautiful! It was like so ethereal. I was like ‘Wow….!’ Another world here right? Where am I? What is going on?!…. (contd part5)

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Oslo, Norway 06/06/1999)

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