Kadamba Kanana Swami

So anyhow, that’s how my first journey began and there were many many other things that I experienced and I could and tell the travel story for quite a while, you know, because once you start talking about travels, then you never stop! I will tell maybe one more thing……….
I decided since I was there, that I should do some meditation. So, you know, I had practised at home. I can’t do it any more I’m getting old! But anyway, legs were all in the lotus position and I was ready to go! So I sat down at the east side of the Ganga, the holy river. So spiritual, so full of power and potency, and getting ready for the experience! I sat down on the Earth: ‘Wow. Above me was the sky ‘WOW!’ In front of me was water!’ (crowd laughter )
‘Wow’ and on the other side was fire. So spiritual! So I sat down and was in deep meditation until I was going deeper and deeper and deeper into my meditation and I heard a
buzzing sound in my ear: ‘Bzzzzzzzz!’ ‘Bzzzzzzzzz!’
The mosquitos were attacking me by the thousands!!!

It unfortunately broke my trance and I was forced to come back down to earth, because they were very persistent. So I gave up the meditation. What to do? But! I wasn’t going to give up. The next day I returned to the holy river and I sat down and did it again. This time there was a bit of sun and it was hot so anyway I didn’t care I was doing it! And I was staring at the water. Staring at the water, at one point! For at least half an hour! I was getting almost cross eyed! But
anyway! I was doing it right!

Then, just see now, see what happened: A dolphin jumped right from that spot. ‘Woooow!’
‘I’m a yogi! I have made it! Success! You know like, look at my realisations! Look at my power!’ I was in bliss! Dolphins were jumping from the spot where I’m meditating just see! (Crowd and Maharaja laugh)

Wait until they hear this one back home! I was getting ready for this! Of course after a while thinking about my mystic experience of the dolphin jumping out of the river I was thinking: ‘Well. Of course it was very mystic but what does it mean?!’
A fish is just a fish you know, it’s kind of cold fish, wet fish jumping out of water! What am I supposed to make of this?! So I said ‘I don’t know!’

So although it was success in my meditation, I still felt a little…..yeah, restricted in it all! I didn’t quite feel that I was getting anywhere! I didn’t know what I was doing! So what to do now? What to do now? This fish thing in the water is not really, yeah, not really giving me the desire of result!….. (contd in part6)

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Oslo, Norway 06/06/1999)

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