(House Programme 2006)
It is midsummer, it is nice, summer is nice, it is very nice and this little house is nice and this water is nice, everything is very nice and that is ok. We can actually appreciate it that we are in a nice place, it is not maya.
It is not that we have to go like: “Take this lake away! It is from the devil !!! It’s dangerous, OH NO!! A little boat on the Lake!! It reminds me of sense gratification !!!! Krishna Krishna Krishna !!”

Not like that. We can actually appreciate the lake, but not just the lake, not just the boat, but Krishna behind it. So in this way the beauty of the material world may remind us more. It is true that when Lord Chaitanya saw the ocean in Puri He thought it was Yamuna. When Lord Chaitanya saw a hill He thought it was Govardhana…but not artificial, He really thought it was Govardhana, and He really thought it was Yamuna… so we can not imitate that, but even if it reminds us a little bit about Yamuna,that’s nice.

We may remember the pastimes of Krishna or may just see the energies of Krishna and we may appreciate how the energies of Krishna are also helping us to come to Krishna. As it is says in Bhagavatam, that the beauty of this world is the smile of Krishna. I like that very much. That is very important to me because otherwise it means I have to live somewhere in a cave, far ways from the world and lock myself away from the world!

If the beauty of this world is all just the witchcraft of maya then I’m in trouble! Then I am in big trouble because then I have to constantly run away from this world and hide from it….but if I can see that the beauty in this world is Krishna then I can actually be here and be natural because it is nice to be in a place like this. But if I see all the beauty as the witchcraft of maya, I have to make crosses, block it out so i don’t see it, don’t remember it and dream about it tonight!!!

But now I can. If in my dream there is just the lake and no Krishna I will not worry because i know that the lake is coming from Krishna. So in that way I see Krishna. So in the work of Krishna we also see Krishna, in the energy of Krishna we see Krishna. ………..we have to realise that this is Krishna, this is Krishna’s creation, Krishna’s plan, Krishna’s arrangement, it is amazing to see that Krishna made all these things.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 24/06/2006)

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