They have a materialistic outlook: “There is no God, everything is just going on by nature’s own interactions, everything is unreal, everything is just a dream, it is whatever you imagine it to be. We make our own reality. There is no ultimate basis to anything. It is all whatever you think. I believe in this, you believe in that, whatever you believe in, whatever works for you, whatever works for me works for me, there is no ultimate reality, no absolute.” Everything is just up in the air
No, acknowledging, that finally there is the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is the owner of everything and the rightful enjoyer of everything.
Rather: “We own everything, everything belongs to us and the smaller the us group gets the better. They can all belong to me, very good, otherwise if I have to share it with few others, ok ….. We will monopolise it for our family or our state or our company, our cooperation, at the cost of others. It is all competitive, let us enjoy at your expense, at the expense of other human beings, at the expense of the land, at the expense of the water, at the expense at the air, at the expense of the animals…rip up everything for our own enjoyment. The purpose out of life is to get most out of life.”

Do you hear that from people: “What’s your goal?” “Make the most out of life”
Getting most out of life means getting most out of you!. “Whatever I can do to get the most out of you. This cheating or that cheating, that violence, this scheme or that scheme , the end justifies the means and we are doing for your benefit.”

(JAS Maharaja briefly talks about Iraq)

In the name of “Better world and world peace, world freedom, world democracy, world something or other, world order, in the name of something, security, peace and security….whatever it is we will do something good for you , don’t worry.”
The real story is “My sense gratification at your expense.”
“We are protecting the world from terrorism, we are protecting the world against economic collapse, we are protecting the world against this, protecting the world against that.”

Meanwhile the real story is (at your expense) enjoying sense gratification. And for that “We will do anything, we can do anything as long as we get away with it.”
The extent to which this demoniac mentality runs is beyond belief practically. Appalingly vicious, appalingly well organised. We have the idea of demoniac people as some sort of wild crazed people with bandanas and daggers between their teeth, hand grenades in their underwear!

My picture of the demoniac is a little different , of course they can wear bandanas and all of that, they can also wear pinstripe suits: Bankers, politicians and lawyers they could be exceedingly cultured, exceedingly sophisticated, exceedingly educated, polite, well spoken, thoughtful articulate and …..vicious!
Absolutely, they can be nice guys, friendly and big warm smiles but totally vicious because the goal of life is sense gratification one way or another. This is their vision.

(Jayadvaita Swami, B.G 16.9 Stockhom 21/09/2009)

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