(Jayadvaita Swami 10/2007)

There’s an interesting history in one of the Puranas about a child named Prahlada. He was spiritually advanced from his childhood. He met a great sage and became an enlightened little boy.
He was trying to get his friends on board, saying: ‘Come on! Let’s do something! Let’s chant Hare Krishna, let’s hear something about spiritual advancement.’
The kids said: ‘Come on! You know we’re five years old, let us play. And when later in old age you know, when we’re grandparents we will do this stuff.’

He said: ‘You better do it now!’

‘Okay, you’re going to spend say, ten years, fifteen years of your life as kids, and you’re going to be kicking balls around and doing all that kind of thing. Then you’re going to hit middle age, and then it’s: you see a girl you think she’s nice, and there’s all of that kind of, interaction.”

So you’re busy with that, for another few years and then you get married, and then you’re working hard to support your family. See to your home and your relatives, your job and all of that. And then you’re old, and by this time you’re fagged out. You know, where’s your spiritual realisation, if you’re leaving it until then: you’re too busy now because your kids, you’re too busy later because you’re chasing boys and girls around, you’re busy after that because you’re working and supporting your family. And then at the end, you don’t even know when the end is going to be. Now you think you’re going to live to seventy and you’re cut off at forty, or twenty!

Apart from that he said to them: ‘Okay you got 24 hours a day, subtract ten or twelve because you’re asleep during that time. So you just cut your life in half.”
You’re going to live a hundred years really there’s only fifty of real time! Your spiritual time is less.
So he said, ‘Now, when you’re young, and you have the time …..Go for it now!”

(Jayadvaita Swami 10/2007)

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