There is no limit to what one can express in spirit and therefore no one likes limit. I think the big theme of the sixties was to throw off all oppression, not just social oppression but off all oppression that exist in the whole world. To fully realise our potential and everyone was going to do that. So first of all throw away all social restrictions and we took up a guitar and we began to sing songs about “Freedom!” “Freedom!” and “Freedom” again. Lots of talk about freedom!
The idea of freedom was that it can not only be freedom from parents, a freedom from society, freedom from all the false restrictions that are imposed on people in society but it also has to be an inner freedom . Therefore a lot of people understood it has to be another kind of consciousness.

So they tried, they tried to reach that by using different drugs and so on but of course that is artificially induced. So that’s not actually transformation of consciousness.

But Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was teaching the transformation of consciousness: A perfect transformation of consciousness and this perfect state of consciousness is to be fully happy from one moment to the next, increasingly!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 21/06/2004)

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