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HH Kadamba Kanana Swami:
The month of Kartika is over now. I’ve made an endeavor in chanting by fixing an extra quota of rounds for the month. In the first week the chanting went well and I was thinking during the chanting that i was going before Krsna and that I didn’t want to offer Him any frustration about the material world. So I detached from all concerns pertaining to this world during my chanting and just tried to make my offering to Krsna nicely and purely, Then came a period of strugglle, there were so many other things to do, such as travel , meetings and preaching programs and finally also I became ill for some days with a frozen shoulder which was very painful. During that time the chanting was a great struggle. I took it that Krsna wanted me to show determination. At the end of the month I completed my quota. Just like mother Yasoda I have tried to catch and tie up Krsna, but my rope is still two fingers short, but I hope that Krsna is a little satisfied with me. I will keep on trying.

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