Once one enters into this state of consciousness then he can see Krishna everywhere. And then he’ll meet the thief Krishna. And that thief Krishna: He steals everything. It says He steals the eyes of one who looks at Him. He steals the ears of one who hears His flute. He steals all the senses of His devotees until they just stand like, stunned. And they cannot see anything else after that: become deaf and blind, to ordinary things. They don’t care anymore, they don’t care what people will say about them, think about them, because they experience that Krishna is so wonderful…. Actually! When you really look into the nature of Krishna consciousness, that it’s so attractive and nice and satisfying, that they don’t want anything else anymore. This is the Vrndavan state of consciousness. So the Bhagavad Gita is a systematic approach. It is a systematic book, with a systematic process, which is gradually lifting us, to this Vrndavan state of consciousness.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 06/06/1999)

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