Externally, the arrangements that we make can have a great effect on our consciousness. Pictures of Vrndavana, nice pictures around us- yes it helps a lot! It reminds us. And not just a picture, ‘okay, Maharaja said we have to have a picture of Vrndavana, so go to Google, type in Vrndavana- 20 pictures came up and download one and put it up…’ No! The picture that you collect has to be a picture that really strikes you! Put that on your wall! Put on something that really speaks to you! Put on something that really overwhelms you again and again! Put that on your wall! Make that wall an extraodinary wall- it is a spiritual world! In this way we surround ourselves with spiritual impressions and make our home into a holy place. In the same way we are listening to transcendental music, something that touches your heart.

All these things that speak to our heart create an external world that will support us, that will inspire us…it helps- it helps a lot! We need it!

(HH KKSwami, Melbourne, Sep 2009)

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