To be deep in Krsna consciousness is not necessarily the same as “Are you fired up?” ‘Are you fired up?’ can also be the mode of passion. In the mode of passion there are lots of flames! So somewhere we must find a resting place at the lotus feet of Krsna. We must somewhere find, ‘yes, this is really home.’ Vrndavana is our home…In the Dutch passports in the past, they use to write, ‘Place of Residence’ so I had Vrndavana in there! And I kept it for years and atleast wherever I was, the passport reminded me that the dhama is our residence…
The dhama is a state of consciousness and the devotee must somehow or other be in that Vrndavana consciousness. We must cultivate this Vrndavana consciousness…

(HH KKSwami, Sep 2009, Melbourne)

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