Devotee’s Question: In the Nectar of Devotion it says that if one comes before the Deities and claps their hands, then their minds change. So I was wondering, of course spiritual advancement is not so cheap, but I was trying to understand why we still remain so totally conditioned?

Kadamba Kanana Swami: There have been so many lifetimes in this world and we have been so entangled in materialistic activities, unlimited lifetimes that even although that we clap our karma changes, still there is so much karma left that we don’t notice it so quickly. But actually a lot of changes are there – What to then speak if we actually chant the Mahamantra.
It says that if one only chants the Mahamantra once he gets more purified than more sinful activities than one can commit in a lifetime. So in this way this Mahamantra is so powerful.
Yet we chant for years we still feel “ahh not so pure” although we have been changed by this chanting at the same time. We feel that something has really changed – but we still feel that we need to change a little more also.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 21-06-2004)

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