I heard that these devotees in Soweto, who always come for all the Ratha Yatra’s, that when they received Bhakti Caitanya Maharaja’s Ratha Yatra video, they took especially the kirtana DVD, and as soon as they got it hot off the press, they put it in the video slot and they played it the whole night and they danced in front of the TV! Now, that did something to me. I don’t usually cry tears when I hear stories of Srimati Radharani; I’m like that you know, I don’t know, I’m too fallen, I’m not so advanced. When I hear stories of rasa-lila – no tears; I like the stories but no tears. But when I hear stories of African people dancing in front of the TV watching the kirtana, then I cry tears…

Watch a short clip below of Kadamba Kanana Maharaja and the Soweto kids dancing around the Soweto RY grounds (26 Sep 2009):

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