When it comes to bhajan or being ourselves alone with Krishna – where we just chant the holy name of Krishna, not to preach but simply to glorify Krishna and to submit ourself before Krishna: purity and all seriousness, that is required. And every once in a while we must take our days to be deeply absorbed like that: to read, to chant. I just booked Monday for that! So Monday forget about me, I’m not home! I’ll put a sign on my door: “Not here!” I am going to try to be somewhere else – at the lotus feet of Krishna, if I can.

So we need this but what is our capacity? What is our capacity to go deep in bhajan, again practically impossible – in Vrndavan we see people doing dandavat parikramas around Govardhana and so many other things, just spending their days deeply worshipping, meditating on Krishna. Great personalities who sit down and chant and chant and chant. There’s bhakta Steve who picked us up from the airport who referred us to the biography of Gaura Kishore Babaji and Jagannatha Das Babji and what can we say. Janannatha Das Babaji started chanting and chanted 72 hours non stop, just non stop, no break nothing ,just continued chanting , even 72 minutes is quite a feat! 72 minutes uninterrupted chanting: “Phewww , oh chanted good rounds today!”

But we can do something else. We can become part of carrying forward this mercy……..

We were speaking about the Ganges and how the Ganges comes into this universe, and how the demigods they jubilantly received the Ganges with great happiness and as the Ganges comes down, they catch it and they have celestial buckets (I don’t know what they are made of) but somehow or other celestial buckets, and they catch the Ganges in these celestial buckets and they move the Ganges forward in these celestial buckets. So the mercy is being carried by individuals, personalities. The devotees are taking the mercy and carrying it forward. This is actually the wonderful means by which this movement will spread!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 29/04/2005)

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