Kadamba Kanana Swami

From the day I was temple commander, I was serious and in those days I was a serious temple commander and there was no maya. Everyone had to get up for Mangala Arati, I was a heavy temple commader – I would put a water hose in someone’s sleeping bag of someone who was not getting up and turn it on!
I did that- I confess! It was fun too! Some people would lock their doors and I would play karatalas on the doors: “Jiv Jago, Jiv Jago”- boom boom boom!

As a temple commander I tried all kinds of things and I also got my reactions.
At one point I got very tired that I was always having to miss Mangala Arati to wake up other people who didn’t want to go to Mangala Arati…….
There was one person and he just wouldn’t get up and I had to (this was at seven, eight in the morning) I would have to hold a piece of cake in front of his window! If you hold cake in front of his window then he would open the door, he would grab the cake and I would grab him. Pull him out of the room, he would eat cake and then I would stay in front of the room and say “Now you go take a shower” That’s the only way he would get out of bed! He didn’t last.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 02/05/2005)

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