When the devotees went to Vrndavana with Prabhupada for the first time, the first devotees, Kirtananda and Acutyananda, they were thinking:
“Now we are going to Vrndavana and Vrndavana will be full of devotees like Prabhupada, pure devotees”
But it wans’t. It wasn’t. They had heard that in Vrndavana everyone is a devotee and they saw that but they also saw that “No one is a devotee like Prabhupada” “Nobody!”
Even in Vrndavan there was nobody like him. Vrndavana, best place of India, the best place of India, the place of the devotees, but even there in that place no one could match Prabhpada. No one had that mood of: “Everything for Krishna, just everything for Krishna.”
So thus he started this movement and took it to the west to people who have no idea about anything! who were fallen and habituated to sinful things and Prabhupada gave that extraordinary Pure Devotional Service!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 11/02/2009)

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