This world is the world of sense gratification, the world where we want to enjoy the senses. Even in the heavenly planets it is about sense gratification but the difference is is that the demigods will do it in a dharmic way, they will follow the principles of dharma – and in this planet in principle we are not inclined towards dharma.
Dharma is difficult here. We are inclined to not follow dharma, that is our tendency – because in this world we are in the mode of passion. The tendency is to enjoy without restriction .
The demigods are always into sense enjoyment according to the principles of dharma, they don’t even think about deviating from dharma- there are some moments they may -but it is not a common standard.
In our case the common standard is to deviate from dharma, and if someone follows dharma :“Oh he’s too religious!”…..
It doesn’t matter which religion you belong to, if you get too serious about it:

“Too religious , too much! Be natural, be normal, be yourself, why you punishing yourself, you’re still young, enjoy. You can always when you are old and worn out you can get serious about religion!”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 11/04/2008)

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