While in Durban, Kadamba Kanana Swami gave very inspiring classes, especially the morning Bhagavatam classes which dealt with the topic of ‘surrender.’ www.kkswami.com will feature transcripts of these classes and audio recordings can also be downloaded from Spiritual Radio 108. Here is an excerpt from Part 1:

“…That is surrender. It means to give up our own ideas; surrender means that we stop thinking of what I want for my life. Our whole life we’ve developed the idea, ‘this is what I want, this is what I desire…’ now, forget it! Just now– not tomorrow, no NOW. ‘Now? After the class?’ No, NOW! ‘After 5 minutes?’ No, no, NOW! Now! ‘Right now?’ Right now! This very moment, forget it, forget. This is surrender. Surrender doesn’t mean tomorrow; ‘tomorrow I will surrender.’ No, no surrender is from moment to moment. Surrender means in the now, surrender means in the present, surrender means it has to be done now. When we say, ‘I’ll surrender tomorrow’ it means, ‘I will start meditating on it and I hope maybe tomorrow I’ll be that far,’ No, just do it! Get the T-shirt and just do it! Just don’t think about it…surrender is something one does now. It is about doing the right thing right now. As Prabhupada said, “sit properly!” and then what is it? What does it mean to sit properly? Well, eventually we learn, we read what is proper. Then we must follow it…”

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