One of the five types of ignorance which are being destroyed by the Sankirtana movement : is to think there is more than the Absolute Truth or to think there is anything more than chanting Hare Krishna – and therefore we look for other things, other than chanting to satisfy us to give us inspiration and so on. So we fall prey to this, we do! We do feel the need for other things, we do other things.
It was a nice sunny day, I had the window seat on the plane and I was looking out of the window and it was a very nice view, happened to be an interesting route and was a nice view and I opened up the Caitanya Caritamrita. I read a little bit and it was about the Gopis who were just not interested in seeing anything but Krishna! They were not interested in seeing anything but Krishna and if Krishna wasn’t there they were not even interested to see it no matter what it was! Ha Ha and there was me sitting in front of my window seat!
The Lord is kind….again and again He will remind us “Don’t worry about your window seat, this seat, that seat, this position, that position, don’t worry – take shelter of Krishna”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 02/05/2005)

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