Because He (Krishna) is such an interesting person everybody is interested in what He is doing. Just like in this world when there is a great celebrity, when there is a great celebrity, a very famous person, a famous movie star coming to Stockholm, everybody is a little curious, everyone has a look at the paper, page three let’s check it out, check it out – what this celebrity is doing!
So this tendency is there in us. So Krishna is a lot more interesting than any celebrity therefore in the spiritual world everybody is wondering what’s Krishna doing right now? What would He being doing? Therefore everyone is interested in Krishna and because Krishna is unlimited He simultaneously entertained everybody, not just one, but everybody! That is the nature of the Supreme Lord.

So in the spiritual world it is not that God is there too. He is the centre of all attraction, He is the focus of all attraction, He is where it is happening!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami B.G 4.40, Stockholm)

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