Kadamba Kanana Swami

We see that the way the person is dealing with sex life, that is the determining factor, how high the person will be placed in the universes. Tapalokas- complete celibate, there’s no question, even Janaloka – celibate but in the Maharlokas prajapatis, (prajapatis who are celibate but then engage in activities to populate the universe) that is there but all in sacrifice , all in a very spiritual way. Then Brahmaloka , that is for the naistik brahmacaris, those who have not had no sex at all in this life, they’re straight to Brahmaloka.
Like that in the material world, one can see if one is avoiding lust how one is being elevated to higher realms in the universe. It is an interesting point to note.
But our interest, of course, is not any of these planets, we are interested in the spiritual world , we are interested in Krishna!

Therefore there are many amazing great devotees, amazing great instruments of the Lord. Just like Lord Brahma is an amazing instrument of the Supreme Lord, just like Lord Shiva is an inconceivable powerful instrument of the Supreme Lord, just like those amazing sages – the Lord has many prophets, many avatars, many expansions, many incarnations, there are many representatives of the mercy of the Lord – but we go straight to Isvara, Krishna, sac sid ananda vigraha, we go straight to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, cause of all causes, and of course with the blessing of all the great personalities.
Undoubtedly we will not disrespect, we will not disobey, we will not ignore the directions of any great personality but ultimately our Ista Deva, our Worshippable Lord is Krishna – and it is for those that are worshipping Krishna that the ultimate goal of life is being attained, the Highest Abode.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 11/04/2008)

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