Recently in Radhadesh, HH Kadamba Kanana Swami Maharaja, gave a 3- day lecture dealing with the story of King Puranjana. will feature transcripts of these classes. Here is an excerpt from part 1:
In ISKCON ’69 it sounded far out. In ISKCON ’79, it was the reality- ‘we’re gonna take over the world!’ And Prabhupada said if you’re all pure we can do it in 18 days and because we’re not pure it may take a little longer…that was’79! In ISKCON ’89, shoo, everyone was getting tired, you know, ‘so long we already trying to take over the world and still not working! Can we have a vacation?’ In ISKCON ’99, everyone was like, ‘what in the world are they talking about? Taking over the world? I mean let’s just try and sort out our own life!’ and ISKCON 2009…you can all tell me what we have to say about it all because I don’t know! So with that I’m inviting your comments, realisations, or whatever to this lecture…

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