The most important point in the pastime of Putana is really this:
Putana was delivered in spite of her demoniac mentality. And this is really a basis for us to develop great faith because we also know that we are disqualified and so often we think:
“Will Krsna even accept my offerings? Will Krsna take any of my service seriously, considering that I am so full of disqualification?”

The answer is given by Krsna. Krsna has already suspected our mentality! Krsna has already understood our mood, and has responded to it. And this is the nature of Krsna’s pastimes – that within the pastimes there are many messages that Krsna is giving us, and these messages are very wonderful, because here the message is that even if we are thoroughly disqualified, even if we are under the influence of lust, even if we are envious, even if we are always burdened by our false ego – what to do ? That is the reality – day after day, we carry it like a burden. Nonetheless, Krsna will surely accept our service!

He accepted the service of Putana, He will definitely accept our service and He will definitely bestow His mercy upon us. Therefore, with great faith, we can can continue approaching Krsna. With great faith we can continue realising that false ego, it will not hamper us from making advancement, because advancement is made by the mercy of Krsna, and
surely we will get the mercy if even Putana did!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Goloka Dhama in 2006)

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