Kadamba Kanana Swami

Vasudev conceived of the Lord in his pure consciousness and then transferred that pure consciousness to Devaki, whose heart was prepared to receive the Supreme Lord. This is described as the process of diksha or initiation. This is how the mercy of the Lord is transferred from one person to another – this is how Krsna Consciousness actually spread – from the pure consciousness of one person, transmitted through transcendental knowledge. Then the heart becomes purified and then that transcendental knowledge can actually enter into the heart.

Just like in the fourth canto there is a nice verse of Narad Muni who is speaking that: “When the transcendental sound vibration enters into the heart, then it finds a sitting place in the loving service attitude of the devotee.”

So the heart is the domain and the seating place in the loving service attitude of the devotee. Then one can properly embrace Krsna and the pastimes of Krsna. Because otherwise, if we do not have the proper consciousness, we cannot really penetrate into the pastimes of Krsna. We hear them, and we may find them enlivening, but yet we are very limited.

It is stated in the scriptures that the different pastimes of the Lord are unlimited, and that different personalities are flying like birds on different levels in the sky of realization. So some of us hardly come off the ground and that is difficult. Therefore to have a mood of seeking purification so that the heart becomes a suitable place to receive the Lord is important.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Goloka Dhama in 2006)

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