So this is spiritual life; we don’t have to worry. It is not that we have to build a staircase to heaven and then ascend the staircase and somehow or other reach. Or it doesn’t mean that by our own power and our own strength we have to figure it all out how to get there and then get there; no, we have to simply take shelter of Krsna and Krsna will make all the arrangements. And as Krsna was making plans in the life of Uddhava, Krsna is also taking care of us and making all the arrangements. And He has a plan, He has it all figured out; we cannot see and we’re thinking, ‘Oh, I’m left alone here to battle and to struggle, and it’s so difficult. I am fighting here with the material energy and it is so hard, so hard this fight with the material energy- prakrti sthani karsati- the struggle with the material energy. The struggle with survival- so tough- and somehow or other in the midst of that struggle I have to be Krsna conscious and it’s difficult and I don’t know how to do it!!! Will I be successful?’ Hmmm….everything we need will be provided! Just at the right time Krsna will arrange and He will send us someone. He will make an arrangement; somehow or other He will create circumstances that will make everything favourable for us….

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