Spiritual life can also be compared to driving and we start in our spiritual life, driving in the night. So in the night when it’s pitch dark, you can’t see anything and all you do is you’re just driving on the white lines on the side of the road- striped lines on the road. Those white lines, just watching them; your eyes are all the time going to the line and you’re trying to stay within the lines and you don’t see anything. You have a little bit of head lights but you don’t see much. That’s how spiritual life is in the beginning. So in the beginning we are very focused on the regulations and we have some light of hearing and chanting but the light doesn’t reach very far. But then as we are making spiritual advancement and while driving, gradually the day breaks; the light comes through and we suddenly begin to see that there is a whole landscape out there. We’re driving and we still stay between the lines but we also see the whole landscape of Krsna consciousness. And we see that there are so many varieties of wonderful tastes and experiences in that landscape of Krsna consciousness. So in the beginning it’s narrow but gradually our vision of what Krsna consciousness is increases and we realise that actually it’s not narrow; it’s unlimited! It is full of all kinds of varieties and gradually, by Krsna’s mercy, we become empowered. We gradually become empowered…

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