We’re all experiencing the higher nature and the lower nature and every devotee is going through that fight, that the lower nature is drawn to the material energy. (Dramatic) ‘We know it’s Maya; take it away, I don’t want it!’ But meanwhile it’s very much there! It’s in everyone and no one is exempt! Even the demigods are not exempt, they have it too, what to speak of human beings! Human beings very much have a lower nature and this lower nature is strong. This lower nature is just, (dramatic wild voice) ‘Ag! Ag! What do you care! Ag! Come on, you know! Don’t be a square! Just go for it, you know what I mean! Like, just switch off that mind and JUST DO IT!!! Do what you really feel! Be real! Be YOU! Be like GENUINE! Be the one you really are! Follow your heart! Don’t let anything stop you! Live the real life- you might suffer a little bit- but at least you can say you lived to the fullest extent! Yes! Are you ready? Yes, c’mon, let’s go! Get moving, don’t waste any time!’
So of course, it doesn’t quite work out like that…At the first attempt of going on the wild side…BANG! SLAP! BANG– another one! Yes! You think you’re going out there to enjoy? Oh, there are sharks and crocodiles waiting for you! And they’re gonna get you, they will exploit you…they will, somehow or other!
(HH KKSwami, Dec 2009, SA)

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