(Kadamba Kanana Swami
01/2010 Soho London)

(2nd half transcript- it begins 1min 50secs):
It is said that for example Haridas Thakur was whipped in twenty two market places and these brutal men who were beating him, they were just going on with full force and just whipping him. So Lord Chaitanya it is described, when Lord Chaitanya saw that He was rushing to that place with raised Sudarsana Chakra and ready for action and just then Haridas prayed: “My Dear lord please be merciful upon these persons, please don’t, don’t give them any reaction for these activities.”
Lord Chaitanya thought to Himself: “..What am I going to do? what to do now”
He was shaking His head, you know and then He decided to place His own back over the back of Haridas Thakur and He took all the whippings of those muslims on His back.

And later during the Mahaprakesh Lila when Lord Chaitnaya revealed Himself – one day He turned round and said: “You remember Haridas, you remember how you were whipped, remember how you didn’t feel any pain”
“Yeah, it was amazing, I remember”
“Remember Haridas that then you prayed forgiveness for those brutal animals.”
“Yes Yes I remember”
“Then what could I do I would have killed them…then I placed my own back over yours and I took the beatings”
And then Lord Chaitanya turned around and showed His back and all the marks of the beating were there! And Haridas was “Oh no!” and he just fainted.
So how kind is the Lord and how powerful are the blessings and prayers of a Vaishnava.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 01/2010 Soho London)

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