(Kadamba Kanana Swami
01/2010 Soho London)

(1st half transcript)
We are taking as lot of inspiration from Nanda maharaja, his devotion and his faith, his faith is strengthening our faith. That is important here. He has firm faith in the brahmanas. And it is said that everyone requires blessings. So this point of requiring blessings is very important. One should always seek blessings. This is Vaishnava culture. Blessings, blessings from devotees, blessings from the Lord, blessings from holy places, looking for lots of blessings. Life is about collecting blessings we need them. We need them.
It is said that actually the blessings of the vaishnava are a greater factor in our spiritual progress than our own endeavours. Not that we should then: “Ok I stop doing anything myself I will just look for blessings”
No not like that but whatever our endeavours may bring is multiplied many times by the blessings of the devotees.

It is logical because superior vaishnavas they have purchased Krishna by their service and they have Krishna in their hands. So if they want us to get the mercy of Krishna, how can they not give. When he looks at us he thinks like well: “ Shall I give him or not, …that wasn’t very sincere”
But when he is thinking of such devotees who are totally sincere and they glance upon us and pray “Krishna please give the mercy” and what can He do!
…contd part 2 transcript

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 01/2010 Soho London)

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