The pastimes of Krsna are carrying a deep message, and all those messages are there to strengthen our faith, to deepen our surrender. Yes, jump! Jump! Leave everything! Leave all old faiths in material things. We may be attracted to material things – that is one thing – but if we have faith in material things, then we are in trouble. Then we are in real trouble! For example, money, money, money …. if we really believe that money is the honey, then we are in trouble. Then we are in trouble!

So, no faith in material things and full faith in Krsna, seeing that by surrendering to Krsna, everything will become all auspicious, and that Krsna will give us full shelter and that we will find everything that is desirable there. This is the underlying message in the pastimes of Krsna, who shows us how to purify ourselves, who encourages us to simply turn away from the material energy and turn exclusively to Him!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2006)

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