One aspect of devotional service is the principal of empowerment. As the devotee is advancing in spiritual life, he begins to gradually develop all the good qualities of the demigods. It is said (Sanskrit) and what to speak of the demigods, rather he begins to develop a number of the qualities of Krsna. So it is also described, up to 48 of the 64 qualities of Krsna is attained by the jiva, the living entity. Then we find even another mention in the ‘Nectar of Devotion’ that nityasiddha devotees of the Lord who descend from the spiritual world can have up to 55 of the 64 qualities of the Lord. So we see that the Lord is empowering His devotees as they are becoming more and more purified, with qualities similar to His.
Everyone who takes to devotional service is becoming empowered in His own personal way – it is said that such a person becomes a touchstone- Whoever he comes in contact with, he can transform. So the Lord empowers His devotee and the devotees can also empower other living beings.

(Kadamba Kanana Vrndavan 2003)

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