So this is really our opportunity; our opportunity is to finally deal with our false ego, to deal with our material conditioning- not just to sit in it like in a cocoon and say, ‘it’s nice, warm and comfortable,’ like a sleeping bag zipped all over your head, ‘My material attachments and my conditioning and my stubborn nature etc and I will not open the sleeping bag, I’ll just stay in here this life and I won’t come out…’

…So the mercy means that we have to go to work, we have to really try to deal with our material conditioning and say, ‘Out! Out! Out! Finished! No more!’ that’s how it is. And time goes by quick, the lines in our face are going deeper, the nose a little bigger…like that, age is showing some symptoms. So let us do something- at least I’m thinking like that to myself and I’m telling myself that I should do something more serious than I have done before! That is really the conclusion.

(HH KKSwami, 8 Jan 2010, Radhadesh)

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