Kadamba Kanana Swami

As a devotee is advancing in Krsna Consciousness and becoming more experienced, as he has been practising prescribed activities that Lord Krsna has revealed in the scriptures for a long time, he becomes more sensitive to the indications from Krsna and it becomes more relevant for him – not that then he takes these indications and this is carved in stone. He takes these indications from Krsna and confirms them.
We can also see how Krishnadas Goswami was taking it like that. He was getting orders from different vaisnavas with requests to write the Caitanya Caritamrita and then looking for an indication from Krsna. Is Krsna really favouring this idea or not? And in this way, we see that devotees, instead of being so fixed about their own plan, are kind of ready to bend and to change their course for the plan of Krsna.

So one sympton of an advanced devotee is he will be very attached to his service – for nothing in the world will he stop his service, his service is very, very dear to him – but then if by some arrangement of Krsna, that service changes to another service, then he will just focus on that new service. He can just then give up the attachment to that service that was so dear to him and go on to another service. He’s flexible like that! Because he sees that there’s the higher plan of the Lord and there’s the higher desire of the Lord and it’s not that (imitates) ‘ My satisfaction in that particular service ..’ You know, ‘I’ve done this for so many years – I’m totally attached to it – I couldn’t do anything else, I’m a pujari through and through, you know..”
But if in the interests of the Lord, there’s another service coming up, he may change just like that and take it. So one takes it that the Lord speaks through the mouth of the vaisnavas. There’s a quote that Prabhupada gave – it doesn’t want to come to mind – but it’s referring to a group of vaisnavas that Krsna speaks through the mouth of a group of vaisnavas. When there is a group of vaisnavas then we understand that Krsna is revealing His plan through those devotees.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2003)

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