To give- The key in the relationship

Sometimes in the beginning stages , people are also trying to see the relationship with the spiritual master as everything. But, they are looking at what they can get from that relationship. And they are looking as to kind of get the maximum attention- to get a letter a day, to get a phone call in between- to get as much as possible and milk and milk and milk- No, it’s not like that! It is not like that! We must give, we must give to our spiritual master. It’s what we give that is the key to the relationship. We must give ourselves wholeheartedly and then whatever comes in return- that we accept. But then we are able to appreciate it, then if we have given ourselves in surrender and in service as much as we can, then we can also have the eyes to see the value of what comes in between. And then we have the eyes, strength, insight and the intelligence to take advantage of the mercy we are getting.
Otherwise if we simply try to take and take and still not satisfied- ‘I’m just not getting enough! I’m not getting enough mercy! I’m not getting enough association! How can I be expected to carry on like this?’ No, not like that. That is the neophyte stage. That should not exist after the vows; that may exist before the vows. After the vows that should not exist anymore. After the vows one has to go to the level of maturity in the relationship and become a servant and give and be grateful for what comes….

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2006)

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