Opening up the lotus flower

These rituals of initiation are meant to be a blessing and that is it. We should always look to take advantage of this blessing. They are like seeds that we put in the ground, and from this seed now our bhakti should really grow. Just like at the time of initiation, one receives a lotus flower but the lotus flower is closed and one has to open the leaves. When we go to work, to open up its leaves, to use it for pure devotional service in all kinds of ways- use it to learn the science of devotional service, use it to chant the holy name with quality, use it to make Krsna consciousness our first priority in life, and still do our material duties as nice as possible as we did it before, but our interest has shifted- then we can gradually open this lotus until it leads to deep and mature Krsna consciousness, where we develop deep attachment to Krsna. And gradually our love for Krsna develops. And as it does, shoo! Krsna consciousness becomes the most wonderful thing in the world…!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2006, Stockholm)

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