(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2003)

If you have a car and the tyre is leaking a little bit, then you can keep on driving, put a little air every once in a while. So sometimes we see also that in Krsna Consciousness we just get really burnt out and you know like:

‘How do you feel?’ ‘Oh, terrible!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I didn’t read for 3 days!’
‘ No! You didn’t read for 3 days! Terrible! Quick, Quick, here’s a book!’

You know, read, read, read and you just put some air and kind of feel like, yes, I can go again!

Sometimes we take it that our activities of sadhana are like that! To pump up our fading enthusiasm, our fading determination and we have to pump again and again or we are gonna bloop!

That’s on the lower end really, and I’m looking here more at the other side of the hearing and chanting, that we just get into the mood of tasting very nice things in Krsna Consciousness, one after another.

You know, just keep on taking the sweets – well, a salty in between as well – doesn’t matter! Just go on and on as much as we can. And this is actually the process of breaking through from struggling in spiritual life to being inspired in spiritual life.

Spiritual life is not just a matter of struggling and struggling and waiting for the day that we will wake up in an ecstatic mood. Rather it must come to the point where we actively begin to taste the nectar that all the Acaryas are tasting and all the great Devotees are always tasting!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2003)

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