(Kadamba Kanana Swami 01/2010)

Fear is born from the very point that we see things separated from Krishna – as soon as we see anything including ourselves separate from Krishna.

But if see everything in connection to Krishna then we see only Krishna. (Sanskrit) when we see the moving or the non moving entities, whatever we may perceive, we see their forms but actually behind we see Krishna…

We always see Krishna just like you come here on Sunday and as soon as you drive in the street you know already who is here, you know all the cars by now! Yes Bhupendra is already here, red sports car! Sutapa from the manor is again there with his new station wagon because the last one burnt out, I was in it actually when it caught fire! I always bring good luck!
Anyhow this is the material world, anything can happen but if we are simply seeing Krishna behind it and if we have faith in Krishna then we can become fearless…

If we see Krishna is the well wisher of all the living beings, then we can become fearless. You can be quite sure Krishna is our well wisher, there is no doubt about it! So whatever comes, Krishna always has the best intentions with us!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami UK, Leicester Sunday Lecture 01/2010)

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